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Cinema Audio Society Awards


cas-logoHeld at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) 55th Annual Awards show certainly took its place as a show for the ages. Accolades were given in seven categories for outstanding sound in motion picture and television, as well as a student award and recognition of two products for production and post. Legends of the industry, including Mr. THX, Tom Holman,  were in attendance. Among the star-studded guests were Tara Reid, stunningly dressed in one shoulder purple glitter flowing gown, and the lady in black, Megan Fox. The awe and respect in the room was a sight to behold.

Honoring iconic director Steven Spielberg with its Filmmaker Award, the audience was thrilled to hear hilarious stories and thoughts about the current state of sound. Legendary sound gurus Gary Rydstrom, Andy Nelson, and Ron Judkins honored Spielberg, “He weaves together sound, music and dialogue to tell a story. Magic happens on a Spielberg set. He goes way into uncharted territory! He truly directs from the heart”.”

Surprise guest, Bradley Cooper, presented the well-deserved honor to Master Spielberg. “Steven uses sound to provoke a reaction. It imprints on your memory! For consistently pushing the envelope over decades of incredible work, and appreciating the contribution sound has made in film, and the idol of every first time…f@#k that!” exclaimed Cooper. “Every director, Steven Spielberg.”

Left to Right: Ron Judkins, Gary Rydstrom, Steven Spielberg, Andy Nelson, and Bradley Cooper
Left to Right: Ron Judkins, Gary Rydstrom, Steven Spielberg, Andy Nelson, and Bradley Cooper

Spielberg, in great spirits, commented, “You allow the audience to see with their ears. We tell a story with sound. Theaters need to be around forever! There is nothing like going to a big dark theater with people you’ve never met before and having the experience wash over you. At Universal, I met an amazing mixer, Ron Pierce, who taught me all about sound. In those days, it was performance art, a very amazing time.”

Then we got a Jaws story.  “During Jaws, every day, seven things would go wrong – mostly with the shark,” shared Spielberg. “There were 500 pound barrels that were 30 feet down on the boat, the Orca. When a plank was pulled out of the boat, it began to sink!  The assistant director yelled “Get the actors off the boat! Save the actors!” The production mixer, John Carter, stood up with his Nagra over his head and said ‘Fuck the actors! Save the sound department!’ The next year, John won an Academy Award for Best Sound!”

Left to Right: Chris Noyes, Lee Orloff and Dean Parisot
Left to Right: Chris Noyes, Lee Orloff and Dean Parisot

Lee Orloff – production sound mixer with supernatural hearing ­­– received the Career Achievement Award. Orloff’s presenters, sound mixer Chris Noyes and director Dean Parisot, spoke of the nearly 80 films and many collaborations that Orloff had with notable directors over his 35 year career. As he presented the award, Parisot was hysterical in telling how they met “in an abandoned insane asylum in Long Island when at NYU. Lee had just borrowed a Nagra 3 recorder and a boom. Six police officers showed up after an hour of filming on 16mm. They asked us to drop our weapons, and Lee fell down the stairs, all the while protecting the expensive Nagra! I knew he had a future in sound!”

A pioneer in Foley, Mary Jo Lang, was honored with the President’s Award presented by outgoing CAS president, Mark Ulano. Paving the way for women in her field, she has worked on nearly 300 projects, starting in 1984 with the fifth installment of Friday the 13th.

Mary Jo Lang
Mary Jo Lang honored with the President’s Award at 55th annual CAS Awards.

Bohemian Rhapsody garnered the Motion Picture – Live Action award, while Isle of Dogs took best Motion Picture – Animated, and Free Solo claimed Motion Picture – Documentary honors.

The CAS Awards brought awards show fun and excitement to the forefront. Bravo!

CAS Winners:

Motion Picture – Live Action:
Bohemian Rhapsody – Production Mixer: John Casali; Re-recording Mixers: Paul Massey, Tim Cavagin, Niv Adiri, CAS; ADR Mixer: Mike Tehrani; Foley Mixers: Glen Gathard, Jemma Riley Tolch

Motion Picture – Animated:
Isle of Dogs – Original Dialogue Mixer: Darrin Moore; Re-recording Mixers: Christopher Scarabosio, Wayne Lemmer; Scoring Mixers: Xavier Forcioli, Simon Rhodes; Foley Mixer: Peter Persaud, CAS

Motion Picture – Documentary:
Free Solo – Production Mixer: Jim Hurst; Re-recording Mixers: Tom Fleischman, CAS, Ric Schnupp; Scoring Mixer: Tyson Lozensky; ADR Mixer: David Boulton; Foley Mixer: Joana Niza Braga

Television Movie or Limited Series:
American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace (Part 1) “The Man Who Would Be Vogue” – Production Mixer: John Bauman, CAS; Re-recording Mixers: Joe Earle, CAS, Doug Andham, CAS; ADR Mixer: Judah Getz, CAS; Foley Mixer – Arno Stephanian

Television Series – One Hour:
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: “Vote for Kennedy, Vote for Kennedy” – Production Mixer: Mathew Price, CAS; Re-recording Mixers: Ron Bochar, CAS; Scoring Mixer: Stewart Lerman; ADR Mixer: David Boulton; Foley Mixer – George A. Lara, CAS

Television Series – Half Hour:
Mozart in the Jungle: “Domo Arigato” – Production Mixer: Ryotaro Harada; Re-recording Mixers: Andy D’Addario, Chris Jacobson, CAS; ADR Mixer: Patrick Christensen; Foley Mixer: Gary DeLeone

Television Non-Fiction, Variety or Music Series or Special:
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown “Bhutan” – Re-Recording Mixer: Benny Mouthon, CAS

Student Recognition Award:
Anna Wozniewicz, Chapman University – Orange, CA

Outstanding Product – Production:
Dugan Automixing in Sound Devices 633 Compact Mixer – ManufacturerDan Dugan Sound Design

Outstanding Product – Post-Production:
RX 7 – Manufacturer: iZotope, Inc.

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