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Newly-launched Colorist Awards is First International Competition Focusing on Colorists


Colorist AwardsThe Colorist Society International (CSI) and the Independent Colourist Guild (ICG) announced today they would be joining forces as partner and co-organizer for the newly-launched Colorist Awards. This will be the first international competition that focuses specifically on the craft of color and the work done by colorists in feature films, television, documentaries, commercials, music videos and short films.

Entries are now being accepted until December 31 at the Colorist Awards site, and the awards winners will be announced in March.

Both ICG, which includes over 400 professional colorists worldwide, and CSI, the first professional society for colorists,  are hoping to draw more attention to what is an underappreciated craft and an important aspect of the post-production process. “We want to highlight the great work being done by colorists around the globe and raise awareness for color’s artistic role in movies, television, advertising and other media. We feel that an awards competition for colorists is long overdue,” said ICG founder Alexander Prohorushkin in a statement.

“It’s a way to celebrate our profession and build its legacy,” added CSI president Kevin Shaw. “Our hope is that the Colorist Awards will become a showcase for work of the world’s best colorists and set the standard for excellence.”

The international jury for the first Colorists Awards will be made up of colorists, directors, cinematographers and producers, and the submissions will be evaluated for artistic excellence, technical achievement, stylistic effect and reproductive accuracy. Participation is open to all colorists, regardless of professional affiliation with event partners including SGO, Portrait Displays3DL, Panasonic, ICG CalibrationASUS, and more.

ICG was formed in 2017 to help members promote their work and connect with employers, as well as sharing experiences and ideas with their colleagues, the organization’s website maintaining reels by its members.

You can gets more information about the Colorist Awards, as well as submit your work at the official site.

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