Sunday, July 21, 2024
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DGA Honors Award-o-Meter


Price of Parking: Irrelevant. Everyone walked.Alcohol: Champagne at the Guild and open bar at NobuQuality of Alcohol: excellentFood: Squid Pasta (paper-thin shavings of squid with a garlic sauce)Attire: Business ChicShow Length: 2 hours-plus, due to midtown traffic snarls and a late honoree.Host: Hank Azaria, who opened with hilarious monologue with jabs at congressman Mark Foley and a low blow to Sopranos star Lorraine BraccoBest Quote of the Night: Arthur Penn (see above)Swag: NadaBiggest Disappointment: No one mentioned the impact of Woody Allen’s films on New York City filmingAfterparty: Didn’t need one.

Written by Naida Graham

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