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Guild of Television Cameramen to Gather in Oxfordshire for 2014 Awards Day


GTC members at last year's "Day in the Country event."
GTC members at last year’s “Day in the Country event.”
The U.K.-based Guild of Television Cameramen will host its 42nd Annual General Meeting and GTC Awards Day, May 18 at Aynho Park in Oxfordshire.

The event will include presentations of the GTC’s Television Cameraman’s Award, the Mike Baldock Award, Seals of Approval for equipment innovation and awards for excellence.

The GTC Awards will be presented by Sky Television‘s Jeremy Thompson who will speak in support of the role of cameramen and women in television. One of the nominations is for Sky News cameraman Mick Deane who was killed while filming in Egypt last year.

The event will be streamed for members via the GTC’s website using three Camera Corps Q3 robotic pan/tilt/zoom camera heads together with a Sony PMW-500. The Q3 heads will be controlled from a single camera operator position, providing shots of the lectern, presentation and audience.

“We are very grateful to Camera Corps, both for being the major sponsor this year and for the loan of the Q3 heads,” said event organizer James French. “The Q3 will help us maximize the potential of a relatively small venue.”

The event starts in the morning with a range of fun activities including hovercraft and tractor driving, ferret racing, dog agility and air pistol shooting. These will be recorded using a range of camera gear, including drones, handheld gimbals, Polecam, a new tracking Towercam, Steadicam and minicams.

For more information, visit: http://www.gtc.org.uk/calendar/events/gtc-agmawards-2014.aspx.

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