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Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Film Society of Lincoln Center announce Award-Winning Director Alice Rohrwacher as their 2016 Filmmaker in Residence


Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Film Society of Lincoln Center announced the selection of award-winning writer and director Alice Rohrwacher (The Wonders, New York Film Festival 2014 and Corpo Celeste, New York Film Festival 2011) as their 2016 Filmmaker in Residence, the fourth annual initiative and partnership between the two organizations.

“I can’t imagine a better gift than to spend time in New York, take part in the events at the New York Film Festival, and to have the time to research in local archives and libraries for my next film,” said Alice Rohrwacher.

During her residency in New York, Alice Rohrwacher will continue to write her third feature film, My Bitter Land, about the adventures of a man living on the margins of his society who can seemingly travel through time. Past recipients include directors Athina Rachel Tsangari (Chevalier), Lisandro Alonso (Jauja), and Andrea Arnold (Red Road, Fish Tank), whose residency project American Honey will premiere in competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

“With Andrea Arnold’s American Honey, which was developed at our first Filmmaker in Residence three years ago, debuting this week, we are thrilled to unveil the name of our next artist in residence,” said Film Society of Lincoln Center deputy director Eugene Hernandez. “A distinctive filmmaker with a warm, infectious spirit, Alice Rohrwacher is one of international cinema’s brightest lights, and throughout her career we have championed her work at the Film Society. We are excited to be able to offer Alice an opportunity to finish writing her next feature film, My Bitter Land, in New York this fall and equally excited to welcome her back to the New York Film Festival where she will connect with other filmmakers and also engage with students and emerging artists.”

Since 2013, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been partnering with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, America’s pre-eminent New York based non-profit film organization. In addition to the annual Filmmaker in Residence initiative, the multi-year partnership also extends to two of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s most prestigious annual events: the Annual Chaplin Award Gala and the New York Film Festival, a 17-day celebration showcasing the best and most significant films of the year from around the world.

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