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Los Angeles International Short Film Festival Kicks Off Next Week


The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival begins next Thursday. Now in its 17th year, the festival will include 280 short films from 17 countries. All sections are arranged into 44 programs, which will screen between Sept. 5-12, at the Laemmle Theatre in North Hollywood.

“I’m incredibly proud to showcase the short films selected this year,” said Domenic Yovina, director of operations/programmer. “There is a lot of great talent on display here, and I hope this festival serves as a platform for filmmakers to solidify their place in independent film. With a mix of films that include established actors and up-and-coming artists, this year’s festival will prove exciting for everyone involved.”

The festival includes projects from a number of award-winning directors, including Louis D’Esposito (Agent Carter), Catherine Dent (Silk) and Ralph Macchio (Across Grace Alley), but will also screen short films from Marvel (Agent Carter), Cartoon Network (Tome of the Unknown), RSA (The Phone Call, Kismet Diner), Partizan (Shunpo, Maniac, The Getaway), The Mill (The Caretaker) and Stink (Little Secret).

Throughout the festival, the selected short films are organized into programs covering a variety of genres, including adventure, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, horror and sci-fi, as well as themes such as love, family, friendship, conflict, suspense, religion and art.

The festival is accredited by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Winners in seven categories will automatically become eligible for consideration for a possible Academy Award nomination. Winners will be announced at the festival’s closing night on Sept. 12. Over the course of 17 years, LA Shorts Fest has presented 44 films that have gone on to receive Academy Award nominations.

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