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NAB 2020: Jim Henson to be Honored with Distinguished Service Award


NAB.logo.1The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) will honor Jim Henson, the artist, innovator, and visionary creator of the Muppets, with the Distinguished Service Award (DSA), at the 2020 NAB Show. The broadcast industry’s highest honor will be presented on Monday, April 20 at the NAB Show Welcome and accepted by two of Henson’s adult children who continue to run The Jim Henson Company, Brian Henson, Chairman of the Board, and Lisa Henson, CEO and President.

Jim Henson
Jim Henson

Each year, the NAB DSA recognizes members of the broadcast community who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the industry and the American public. Previous award recipients include Walter Cronkite, Bob Hope, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Reagan and Cokie Roberts, among others. Last year’s winner was Alan Alda.

Also at the NAB Show Welcome, NAB President and CEO Gordon H. Smith will deliver his State of the Broadcast Industry address, highlighting the unique and vital role of America’s local radio and TV broadcasters.

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