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SDSA Lunch & Award-o-Meter


Blue skies and dogwood in bloom made clear one reason why the Set Decorators Society of America Awards Luncheon will not move to award season: the setting is everything. The SDSA made full use of springtime at the Skirball Center to create a stylish environment as it celebrated the work of its members and honorees. Each table was individually designed in a brown/copper color palette with an array of linens and centerpieces donated by SDSA business members. One impressive arrangement by Julie Komen Floral Designs featured chocolate dipped leaves.The SDSA presented the SDSA Earl Cooperman Lifetime Achievement Award to Richard C. Goddard. The SDSA Chairs and the inaugural SDSA Hall of Fame Awards recognize outstanding contributions to the set decorating community. The SDSA In Memoriam plaque was also inaugurated.Chairs went to eight outgoing board members and four individuals. Honorees remain secret until the ceremony so the honors often came as a big surprise. Karen Burg, editor of Set Decor magazine, was clearly moved upon receiving her award. Set decorator and outgoing board member Ann Shea was also memorable. She refused her chair, claiming she had not accomplished half of what others had done to deserve it. Host Daryn Goodall, who is SDSA board chairman and set decorator for MAD TV, didn’t miss a beat and used the decline as comic material for the rest of the ceremony.Audrey Blasdel-Goddard was the first of 22 inductees into the inaugural SDSA Hall of Fame. Her husband, Richard C. Goddard, was a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Co-inductee Dominick Bruno of the Warner Bros. Property Department thanked Blasdel-Goddard for giving him his start. Goddard thanked the people he had collaborated with, including his leadman of over 20 years, John Schacht. A video presentation featuring the work of commercial set decorators Jean Simone and Claire Kaufman brought a welcome focus on this often overlooked group. Nominees and winners from this past award season were also recognized during the program, including BAFTA award winner Jennifer Williams. The winners:2007 SDSA Earl Cooperman Lifetime Achievement Award: Richard C. Goddard2007 SDSA Chair Recipients: Ellen Brill, Karen Burg*, Tim Colohan, Donald Elmblad, Elissa Glickman*, Brenda Meyers Ballard, Jan Pascale, Natalie Pope, Robinson Royce, Ann Shea, Ron Shulem*, Beth Wooke** non-board members2007 SDSA Hall of Fame Inductees: Greg Bilson, Sr., Independent Studio Services; Audrey Blasdel-Goddard; Dominick Bruno, Warner Bros. Property Dept.; George DeTitta, Jr.; Beverly Hadley, Universal Property Dept.; Debbie Hamela, Debbie’s Book; Dyann Klein, Props For Today; Beth Kushnick; Brenda Meyers-Ballard; Bruce Newman, Newel Art Gallery; Edward Stephenson, Hollywood Studio Gallery; Jan Bergstrom; Jay Krause, Omega Cinema Props; Jeannie Gunn; Lennie Marvin, Lennie Marvin Enterprises; Manuel Louis, Louis Equipment Company; Merry Norris, Honorary Member; Norm Balos, House of Props; Richard Slavin, Arenson Prop Center; Robinson Royce; Suri Bieler, Eclectic Encore Props; Will Carter, RC Vintage2007 In Memoriam: Gerald Adams, set decorator; Thomas Edwin Baer, set decorator; Mowbray Berkeley, set decorator; Earl Cooperman, E.C. Props; Wayne Cline, Fantasy Lights; Ken Dodge, Omega Cinema Props; Hal Gausman, set decorator; Bill Harp, set decorator and Prop Services West; Kathe Kloppe, set decorator; Mickey S. Michaels, set decorator; Thomas Pedigo, set decorator; Al Torf, House of Props; Carol Wilcox, Wilcox Studio Props; Billy Wolf, Prop Services West; Jerald Wunderlich, set decorator Venue: Skirball Cultural Center.Parking: Free and convenient.Bar: No-host cocktail reception/complimentary wine at table.Wine Quality: Good: Monkey Bay Chardonnay and Firestone Cabernet and Merlot.Attire: Springtime afternoon festive.Show Length: A bit long at 4 hours.Host: Daryn-Reid Goodall, SDSA.Swag: Universal Props messenger bag included pens, magazines, cell phone holder and a great quality flashlight. from U Frame It.High Point: Dominick Bruno’s heartfelt tribute to Audrey Blasdel-Goddard. Low Point: Some montages went on too long.Best Quote: “I’ve worked with a lot of groups and found set decorators to be most congenial…” –Merry Norris, inducted into the SDSA Hall of Fame.

Written by Maria M. Lopez

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