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Society of Camera Operators to Celebrate 45 Years with Lifetime Achievement Awards


Mande Whitaker, SOC. Photo credit: Jason Derck (left). The DGA Theater Complex. Photo Credit: DGA Theater Complex (right).

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) has scheduled the Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards for Saturday, February 24th, 2024. For the upcoming ceremony, it’s a celebration not only of creativity but also of resilience.

In the 45th year of the organization’s mission to push the envelope, it’s adopting a slightly new style. “In light of the hardships brought on by the strikes, we have a very clear mission: to honor this year’s work and lifetime achievers in a way that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation,” Matthew Moriarty, SOC President, shared in a statement. “Attendees can anticipate a captivating theater-style experience, coupled with a notably reduced ticket price.”

Most recently, SOC announced a new award category, “Camera Operator Unscripted,” for the Lifetime Achievement Awards. The recipient, Mande Whitaker, SOC, will be celebrated. “We eagerly anticipate the celebration of these remarkable recipients and our community,” Moriarty added. “Throughout recent years, our community has exhibited incredible resilience, a relentless drive to overcome challenges, and has been a true source of inspiration. We hope to once again reinforce the significance of joining forces as a community, emphasizing the special value that comes from standing together.” Not only is the show honoring artists, but it’s also benefiting The Vision Center at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Click here for additional information on the SOC’s Annual Society of Camera Operators Awards.

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