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The Academy Takes Steps to Diversify


After a controversial Oscars ceremony that excluded black actors and actresses for the second consecutive year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Cheryl Boone Isaacs appointed three new governors to join its 51-seat Board. Reginald Hudlin (directors branch), Gregory Nava (writers branch) and Jennifer Yuh Nelson (short films and feature animation branch) were confirmed by the current board members for three-year terms, effective immediately.

“I’m proud of the steps we have taken to increase diversity,” said Boone Isaacs. “However, we know there is more to do as we move forward to make this a more inclusive organization.”

The board also appointed additional Academy members to each of the six committees that provide oversight to specific Academy areas, including actor Gael García Bernal (Awards and Events Committee); cinematographer Amy Vincent (preservation and history committee); producer Effie Brown (museum committee); executive Marcus Hu and animator Floyd Norman (education and outreach committee); executive Vanessa Morrison (finance committee), and producer Stephanie Allain (membership and administration committee).

The board also reaffirmed its Jan. 21 resolution to make sure Academy voters are active in the motion picture industry. Active voters are defined as those who have worked in the motion picture industry in the last 10 years; those who have worked anytime during three 10-year periods whether consecutive or not, or members who have been nominated for an Oscar.

Starting this spring, the branch executive committees will meet every two years to review their members and determine any potential reclassifications. The committees also will adopt an appeals process for members who may lose their voting privileges.

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