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Amber Talarico Chronicles Her Journey in Makeup in New Film


Amber Talarico, Director of What It Takes applies her trade.
Photo credit: Willyum Baulkey

With TV shows such as Face-Off on SyFy instigating a newfound interest in the makeup arts, thousands of hopefuls have migrated from their hometowns throughout the world to the Los Angeles area in an attempt to break into the industry.

One such aspiring artist, Amber Talarico, has put her nascent tribulations into a new documentary film, What it Takes. Through the film, we see Talarico as she journeys from Indiana to L.A. without due financial stability in place. Getting timely loans, taking unpleasant jobs, and shuffling myriad schedule changes, she gradually gains a foothold in makeup, working on successively more prestigious projects.

To augment the path of her assuming a professional status in her craft, Talarico interviewed many stalwarts in the business, including three-time Oscar winner and Face-Off mainstay Ve Neill, Makeup Branch Governor of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, veteran artist Leonard Engelman, legendary creature and effects creator Steve Johnson, multiple recent Emmy winner Eryn Krueger Mekash, previous Oscar-winning artist Joel Harlow, and 2017 Oscar winner Chris Nelson, among many others.

Coming in at a brisk 66 minutes, Talarico’s film was enhanced at local screenings with support from makeup manufacturers and was bolstered by the cooperation of schools including the nationally established Makeup Designory.

For more information about the film, and to order a digital download or DVD, please link to

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