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Remastered, superior-looking versions of The Sound of Music (1965), Oklahoma! (1955) and State Fair (1945) are part of a new Rodgers & Hammerstein anniversary DVD collection. It comes complete with extra features and commentaries. For The Sound of Music, which was shot by Ted McCord and edited by William Reynolds, with production design by Boris Leven, the film’s star, Julie Andrews, participates in a new 63-minute documentary as well as a touching reminiscence with co-star Christopher Plummer. The set also includes a 40th anniversary cast reunion. Oklahoma! offers for the first time both the Todd-AO 70mm and CinemaScope versions. The original was shot by Robert Surtees and Floyd Crosby, with production design by Oliver Smith, costumes designed by Charles Arrico, Motley and Orry-Kelly, and edited by George Boemler and Gene Ruggiero. State Fair offers the much maligned 1962 remake starring Pat Boone.

Written by Bill Desowitz

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