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LMGI 5th Annual Awards Nominations



Location Managers Guild International (PRNewsfoto/Location Managers Guild)

If one looks closely at this year’s Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) Awards nominations, an interesting trend is apparent. The majority of the film and television series have shot in the states and regions where their script’s narratives take place.

Multi-Emmy winner, Big Little Lies and Oscar hopeful, Lady Bird effectively used California locations for their contemporary tales. Factual locations in Florida directly contributed to the content of The Florida Project.  Films as diverse as Dunkirk (France, Netherlands, UK), Mudbound (Louisiana) and Phantom Thread (UK, Switzerland) utilized their locations to drive the authenticity of their content. Several of New York City’s Burroughs received the period treatment for television, jumping from the  1970s in The Deuce, to the late 1950s for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

A number of nominees do act as exceptional stand-ins for their storyline’s needs. The state of Georgia serves as both Missouri for Ozark and Indiana for Stranger Things. Canada, the birthplace of author Margaret Atwood, doubles as the near-future version of New England in the Netflix adaptation of her novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, as well as the backdrop for FX’s Fargo.  North Carolina represented Missouri in the BAFTA winning drama, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. And previous LMGI winner, Game of Thrones returns with its transformation of far-reaching regions around the globe, including Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Croatia, Malta and Morocco to represent the lands of Westeros.

Below is the complete list of the 2018 LMGI Fifth Annual Awards Nominees:

Outstanding Locations in a Period Television Series

  • The Crown –Pat Karam/LMGI, Robert Bentley/LMGI
  • The Deuce – Chris George, Pat Weber Sones
  • Game of Thrones – Robert Boake/LMGI, Matt Jones/LMGI, Pedro Tate Araez/LMGI
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Amanda Foley-Burbank, Jose Guerrero
  • Stranger Things –Tony Holley/LMGI, Kyle Carey
  • Taboo – Tom Howard/LMGI

Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Television Series

  • Big Little Lies – Greg Alpert
  • Black Mirror – Malcolm McCulloch
  • Fargo Season 3 – Robert Hilton/LMGI
  • The Handmaid’s Tale – John Musikka, Geoffrey Smither
  • Ozark – Wes Hagan/LMGI, Kevin Dowling/LMGI

Outstanding Film Commission 

  • Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment
  • FilmLA
  • New Mexico Film Office
  • Visit Sacramento
  • Vietnam Cinema Department

Outstanding Locations in a Commercial

  • Coca Cola – Doug Dresser/LMGI, Stephenson Crossley/LMGI, Charles Furer
  • Nike: Equality – Jenny Caloca/LMGI, Wilson Wu, Kathy Ruggeri
  • North Face Ventrix – Beth Melnick/LMGI, Don Baldwin, Cristobal Fleischmann
  • Richmond Tourism BC – Christian Laub, David Angelski
  • Volkswagon: Atlas – Charlie Love/LMGI, Jof Hanwright/LMGI, John Hutchinson/LMGI

Outstanding Locations in a Period Film

  • All the Money in the World Steve Mortimore, Enrico Latella
  • American MadeMichael Burmeister/LMGI, Michael Haro/LMGI
  • Atomic BlondeBea Beliczai, Klaus Darrelmann/LMGI
  • DunkirkBen Piltz, Arnaud Kaiser
  • MudboundWise Wolfe, Imre Legman
  • Phantom ThreadJason Wheeler

Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Film

  • Baby DriverDoug Dresser/LMGI, Kyle Hinshaw/LMGI
  • The Florida ProjectStacey McGillis
  • Lady BirdMichael Smith
  • Logan Maria Bierniak/LMGI
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriRobert Foulkes/LMGI

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