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Marshall by Mun Kang



Chadwick Boseman as Thurgood Marshall.
Chadwick Boseman as Thurgood Marshall.

Marshall is a biographical dramatic film based on true events from the 1940’s depicting the beginnings of the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall. The film stars Chadwick Boseman (42, Get on Up, Black Panther) as a young Thurgood Marshall sent to Connecticut by the NAACP to be an advocate for a black chauffeur, Joseph Spell, played by Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us) accused of rape and attempted murder on a wealthy white woman, known as Eleanor Strubing, characterized by Kate Hudson. Thurgood teams up with a local Jewish lawyer, Sam Friedman, personified by Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast) who’s never handled a criminal case in his life. The State of Connecticut v. Joseph Spell has been documented as one of Marshall’s career-defining cases.

Chadwick Boseman (left)/Josh Gad (right).
Chadwick Boseman (left)/Josh Gad (right).
Kate Hudson as Eleanor Strubing on trial.
Kate Hudson as Eleanor Strubing on trial.








Chadwick Boseman talking to jury.
Chadwick Boseman talking to jury.
Gad (left)/Boseman (center)/Brown (right).
Gad (left)/Boseman (center)/Brown (right).








Directed by:

Reginald Hudlin

Written by:

Jacob Koskoff

Michael Koskoff

Produced by:

Reginald Hudlin

Jonathan Sanger

Paula Wagner


Chadwick Boseman

Josh Gad

Kate Hudson

Sterling K. Brown

Dan Stevens

James Cromwell

The film is based on true events.

Release Date: October 13, 2017

Genre: Biography/Drama

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