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Production News Weekly Jan. 10, 2018




Now that we are all settling back into work after the New Year, there seems to be a good number of film and TV projects showing up in our listings that are under development in Canada. New York and California are also seeing their share of projects. This week, due to the extreme cold on the east coast, a number of locations have had to be rescheduled.

At this year’s FOCUS conference in London, the booming state of production (particularly in the U.K.) became a key talking point. FOCUS, the London-based international locations conference, included more than 170 companies from 61 countries exhibited at the event, including film commissions, location providers and production service companies. The event included 34 panels, workshops and presentations, featuring over 100 industry figures.
With the growing demand for content, driven by tech giants such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and Google, the U.K., had a good year for film and tv production and looks to be even better in 2018.

Taken from article in Variety



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