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Simmons joins BTL


Simmons Joins BTL

As a new member of the BLT staff, I wanted to introduce myself to the community. Many may already know me as I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years. During that time I’ve tried to get out of the business many times, but once in the circus – always in the circus. I’ve worked both above the line and below the line and what I’ve come to realize is, we are all here to tell stories, have fun and get paid for it. I’m proud to say I’ve seen and helped or worked with many people who have gone on to great careers as cameramen, grips, craft service, production managers and assistant directors. Over the years most of my credits have been as a UPM or A.D., but I’ve wrapped cable at midnight in the rain and ran for coffee when the caterer had a flat. Overall, it’s been a great career and a wonderful life. And it ain’t over yet! You have to love what you do and I’ve always loved being a member of a film crew. I look forward to seeing my friends on the set and meeting new ones. Look for me to drop by, say hello and hand out some papers. I want to hear your stories and help BTL newsmagazine become truly the Voice of the Crew and “go-to” source for your needs. We’ve go a lot of great ideas and with your help, the people working in film production “below the line” will have a place to hear their voice being sounded, filled with helpful resources, exciting new trends and different perspectives from the usual publications. See you on the set!

Don Simmons is head of distribution for Below The Line and will be a frequent writer. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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