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Make project notifications work for you

Here’s a great tip on how to keep up with all the projects you’re interested in, even with our busy schedules. One of the most powerful features on the Below the Line production listings website is the ability to pick a project that you are following and then get notifications by email of any changes or status changes to that project. At the top right hand corner of the project page you will click on the Notification Settings button.


You will then be taken to a choice of receiving emails on any changes made to the project or just any status changes to that project.


If you choose Any Changes, whenever there is new information added or removed, you will receive an email alert with a link to your project.

If you choose Status Changes, this will only alert you if the Status of the project changes – Development to Pre-Production for example.

You can do this for as many projects as you like.

Many Subscribers use this feature continuously – always being kept up to date with projects they want to track without having to constantly check back in.

Please Note: This feature is only available to Subscribers.

Let me know what you think,

Patrick Graham ~ Publisher ~ Below the Line ~ 818-451-7030

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