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IATSE Charters Production Workers Guild Local 111 as New National Local Union


On Friday, Sept. 8, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) proudly announced the chartering of a new national Local: The Production Workers Guild Local 111.

‘PWG’ Local 111 will become the first-ever IATSE Local Union specifically created to represent freelance production department workers. For now, this groundbreaking Local Union will encompass a unit of 5,000 television commercial production workers employed by Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) companies, including Production Assistants (PA’s), Assistant Production Supervisors, Production Supervisors, Line Producers, and Bidding Producers.

However, the establishment of PWG Local 111 opens the door for future organizing initiatives within production departments, not just in the realm of TV commercials but also throughout the broader entertainment industry. Interested workers can contact IATSE organizers at to get started.

Matthew D. Loeb
Matthew D. Loeb (Photo: IATSE)

Matthew D. Loeb, IATSE International President, voiced: “We are 170,000 strong and growing, welcoming crafts that historically have not been represented in this critical moment. The birth of The Production Workers Guild Local 111 is not a mere addition to our expansive list of represented crafts, but a testament to our union’s unwavering commitment to ensuring every worker in entertainment is represented, protected, and heard. And mark my words, this is just the beginning.”

While “crew” positions like Production Designers/Art Directors, Camera Operators, Hair and Makeup Artists, Script Supervisors, Grips, Lighting, Props, and Paint have historically been represented on TV commercial sets by IATSE, workers in the production department historically have not. With the freelance tv commercial production workers’ union now chartered and recognized by the AICP, the next phase is for the AICP to begin negotiations with these workers as a group. Freelance tv commercial production department workers are using their momentum, and discussions about concrete ways to build a safer, more sustainable Commercial Production Industry through collective bargaining are well underway.

The newly organized freelance tv commercial production department workers will enter negotiations with the full support of IATSE and its traditionally represented crafts. IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb previously stated, “Commercial Production Workers’ issues are the very same ones this union has fought to address through collective bargaining for decades… your fight is our fight.”

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