Sunday, October 1, 2023
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5th Anniv-Editorial


A Half-Decade In And
We’re Just Gearing Up

Five years maynot seem like a long time in the entertainment industry (and, in truth,it’s not!) but it does mark a significant milestone for Below the Line.

In our debut issue, we published a mission statement: Below the Linestrives to be the editorial voice of the crew. A newspaper that mirrorsthe attitude of the below-the-line crew community – providing aninsider’s reverence for the craft of filmmaking with all the humor andintelligence of the craftspeople it celebrates.

We hope youfeel we’ve in some way succeeded in achieving that mission. Based onthe reaction of the crewmembers who read the paper, attend ourscreenings and events, and the advertisers reaching out to ouraudience, we think we’re off to a great start.

What follows is a brief look back at the brief history of Below the Line.We look forward continuing to serve the needs of our readers,advertisers and the entertainment industry as we move into our secondfive years – and beyond.

Written by Staff

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