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Wednesday Moves Production to Ireland


Wednesday editor
Jenna Ortega in Wednesday (Netflix)

Ireland is slightly abuzz about Wednesday Adams coming to Ireland for season two. The news hit the radio stations there, where newscasters spoke of the announcement with glee. For the second season of Wednesday, production is moving from Romania to Ireland. For the next chapter in the Jenna Ortega-led series, which is said to lean more on the horror side, crew members in Ireland will get a chance to craft the vision started by director Tim Burton and creators Al Gough and Miles Millar.

Production will get underway in late April, as Deadline reported. “London or Ireland were two choices,” producer Steve Stark explained. “The main reason for me was I shot 113 episodes of Vikings in Ireland. Love Ireland. We got an amazing deal at the same studio we shot Vikings.”

While Romania was creatively on point for the Netflix hit series, logistically it provided too many challenges, hence the decision to move shop after season one wrapped. The cast and crew will come together at Ashford Studios, based in the “Garden of Ireland,” Wicklow County. The company’s three sound stages take-up over 500 acres of land.

For season one, 600 local crew members were hired in Romania. Given the show will likely increase in scale after its massive success, perhaps the crew will only grow larger for season two. Typically, the film and television industry provides 12,000 jobs a year in Ireland.

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