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5th Anniv-Timeline


A look at significant events, stories and milestones for Below the Line in its first five years.

September 2002
Below the Line newspaper and Filmmaker Screening Series debut. The first front page features coverage of early Oscar buzz, the labor unions’ struggle with the runaway production and digital cameras, and an interview with Laszlo Kovacs.

September 2002
BTL profiles the Viper, which is heralded as the next generation of high definition.

December 2002
An interview with Catch Me If You Can director Steven Spielberg, who “likes the idea of celebrating the ‘unsung hero’ of his movies,” inaugurates BTL’s Director Series.

March 2003
Chicago takes home the most crafts Oscars for the year, with four.

May 2003
SARS spooks productions shooting in Toronto, causing some production companies to relocate.

December 2003
BTL covers Michael Mann’s use of Plus8Digital-modified Viper cameras on Collateral.
The Lord of the Rings trilogy director Peter Jackson speaks volumes in the Directors Series.

January 2004
Million Dollar Baby’s Clint Eastwood sits down for the Directors Series.

February 2004
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King wins Oscars in eight crafts categories.

March 2004
Below the Line publishes a special on the exponential growth of digital intermediates.

May 2004
Runaway production fears fuel Gary Dunham’s narrow victory in ICG president race.
HD dominates the buzz at NAB.

July 2004
Waking Life director Richard Linklater talks in the Directors Series.

August 2004
Michael Mann talks about Collateral in the Directors Series.
BTL’s Post-Production section debuts with a Supervisor Series interview with editor Michael Mclean.

September 2004
Vanity Fair director Mira Nair is interviewed for the Directors Series.

October 2004
Alexander Payne discusses Sideways for the Directors Series.

February 2005
The Aviator wins Oscars in a leading four crafts categories.

April 2005
Mark London Williams reports on the Film and Television Action Committee gaining the Burbank City Council’s support on the issue of preventing outsourcing of film industry jobs.

June 2005
Below the Line Expo is held June 11-12.

July 2005
Jack Egan reports on the split in leadership ranks of the ICG over how to fight runaway production.

August 2005
In the first of a three-part series called “Post to Production,” Scott Lehane examines how workflows are changing as new digital tools are deployed on set.

October 2005
BTL analyzes the race between the IATSE and the WGA to win the hearts of reality show writers.

September 2005
The Directors Series interviews A History of Violence helmer David Cronenberg.

November 2005
The Trend Spotting column debuts, looking at the issues raised by digital technology in production and post, and on the impact of these changes on workflow, jobs and the creative process.

January 2006
Jack Egan proposes that Andy Serkis be nominated for an Oscar for his role as King Kong.

March 2006
King Kong and Memoirs of a Geisha each take home three Oscars in crafts categories.

July 2006
ICG votes to impeach president Gary Dunham.

August 2006
Steven Poster is elected ICG president, completing the term of Dunham.

September 2006
BTL reports on the America’s Next Top Model reality show strike, a “sharp-elbowed showdown” between IATSE and the WGA.

October 2006
Scott Lehane analyzes Panavision’s acquisition of Plus8digital.

November 2006
The first issue of For Your Consideration is published and polybagged with the regular issue of BTL.
IATSE beats out WGA as the top union on Top Model.

December 2006
The Last King of Scotland director Kevin MacDonald, and Curse of the Golden Flower director Zhang Yimou are interviewed for the Directors Series.
Scott Lehane examines David Fincher’s use of the Viper Filmstream Workflow on Benjamin Button.
The ICG board votes to block anti-Canada trade sanctions, reflecting a continuing split in the guild on the issue.

December 2006
Dreamgirls director Bill Condon is interviewed for the Directors Series.

January 2007
The Director Series spotlights Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro and Alberto Gonazelz Inarritu of Babel.

February 2007
Pan’s Labyrinth wins a leading three Oscars in crafts categories.

April 2007
Below the Line launches its blog, called “Blog the Line,” and its Showrunner Series with Ghost Whisperer.

May 2007
Steven Poster beats out Haskell Wexler for the post of ICG president,
BTL publishes a special celebrating the 30th anniversary of Entertainment Partners.

July 2007
BTL reports the death of cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs, who was interviewed in the first issue.
The first special report on Emmy Awards categories is published.

September 2007
Below the Line celebrates its fifth anniversary with its 66th issue.

Written by Elizabeth Chou

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