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Alec Baldwin to Finish Filming Rust Movie This Spring at Montana’s Yellowstone Film Ranch


The producers of Alec Baldwin‘s troubled western Rust will complete the film this spring in Montana at the Yellowstone Film Ranch, they announced on Wednesday.

Last fall, the Rust producers announced their intention to finish the film, though they said that the production would be moving out of New Mexico. Last week, when it was announced that Cinematographer Bianca Cline (Marcel the Shell With Shoes On) would be finishing the film and donating her salary to charity in honor of the late Halyna Hutchins, the producers still weren’t ready to announce a new location, but now the deal is done and the cast and crew are heading up north.

As with New Mexico, Montana offers a tax incentive for film and television production, which ranges from 20-35 percent of production costs. Kevin Costner‘s Paramount+ series Yellowstone also films in Montana, while Nicolas Cage recently shot The Old Way at the Yellowstone Film Ranch, which opened back in June 2020.

Yellowstone Film Ranch founders Richard Gray, Carter Boehm, and Colin Davis issued a statement to Variety on Wednesday in which they welcomed the Rust production with open arms.

“The dedication and passion of the entire Rust production team to honor Halyna’s vision has deeply moved us. We’ve learned so much about Halyna as a friend and colleague, the depth of her artistry, and the lasting impact she had on so many. We are honored to play a role in the realization of her vision and to carry forward her inspiring legacy through championing this film,” they said in a joint statement.

“I am deeply grateful to Richie, Carter, and Colin for the invitation to the Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana. Their unwavering friendship, support, and now partnership in completing Rust and honoring Halyna means the world to me and our entire production team,” added Director Joel Souza. “The beauty of Montana surpasses words, and the warm hospitality and kindness extended by everyone I’ve met [have] been both humbling and inspiring. It is a privilege to work with such great partners as we see this through on Halyna’s behalf.”

Hutchins was shot and killed during filming in October 2021, and the Rust filmmakers have agreed to allow her friends Rachel Mason and Julee Metz to respectively direct and produce a documentary both about her life and the completion of the film, which will now be executive produced by Halyna’s widower, Matthew Hutchins.

Baldwin and Rust Armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed will be arraigned on Friday in a Santa Fe courtroom, though they are expected to appear remotely. However, Baldwin is expected to appear in person for a preliminary hearing in Santa Fe, where he’s facing a charge of involuntary manslaughter, but that will likely happen after he wraps production on Rust, which is about halfway finished. The second half of the shoot won’t be using working weapons, and Gutierrez Reed is no longer involved in the production.

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