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California Film Commission Allocates Tax Credits for Studio Features and Independent Projects


The California Film Commission announced the second round of studio feature films and independent projects selected for the state’s expanded Film and Television Tax Credit Program.

The list of 13 feature films includes 10 from studios and three from independent production companies.

The latest application period was held Jan. 11-24, and drew 174 applications vying for $53.9 million in tax credits. It was the fourth application period overall for the recently expanded tax credit program, following a prior allocation for feature films/independent projects and two allocations for TV projects.

At present, two of the newly approved films – Get it While You Can and Save the Cat – have confirmed plans to shoot in San Francisco and Central California (respectively), while an additional four of the 13 projects have indicated tentative plans to film outside the Los Angeles 30-mile studio zone.

“One of our goals for the newly expanded tax credit program is to start bringing more production jobs and spending to regions statewide, and we are beginning to see that happen with this latest allocation,” said California Film Commission executive director Amy Lemisch. “Nearly half of the projects announced today may shoot at least partially outside the zone.”

Based on data provided with each application, the 13 approved projects are expected to generate an estimated $400 million in direct in-state spending, including $174 million in wages to more than 2,000 below-the-line crew members. In addition, they will employ an estimated 540 cast members.

The final application period for the current fiscal year (which ends June 30, 2016) is Feb. 15-22 for new TV series, mini-series, MOWs, pilots, recurring TV series and relocating TV series.

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