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CFC: Force Majeure Provision For Tax Credit Programs


CFF.logo1The California Film Commission (CFC) has announced that the impact of COVID- 19 on tax credit productions is considered a force majeure situation. Approved tax credit applicants that have been impacted by the pandemic in a way that affects their ability to meet timeline requirements are eligible to submit a force majeure request.

“Force Majeure” means an event or series of events, which are not under the control of the qualified tax payer. Once a force majeure submission is deemed valid, the CFC will effectively stop the clock on the timeline requirements and resume them at such time as productions can recommence filming operations. When authorities declare resumption of non-essential activities, the CFC will issue a notice for tax credit productions to assess their timelines and contact the CFC within four (4) weeks.

If approved productions fail to contact the CFC within that four-week period, the CFC will assume the production is not moving forward and will remove project from the queue. Qualified expenditures will continue to qualify during the force majeure period, assuming a credit allocation letter (CAL) has already been issued.

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