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Dana Christiaansen
By Carl Kozlowski
“I’m an Otto Nemenz cameraman. I’ve known them for over 20 years, since they owned just six cameras. I use them on every job, and they always make it work for me,” says director/cinematographer Dana Christiaansen, who specializes in auto spots for clients that include Ford, Honda, Chrysler and GMC.
“You establish relationships,” he continues. “The thing I like about them is their method of maintaining their equipment and designing accessories for it. It’s a first-class operation.” Christiaansen notes the broad range of equipment he rent regularly, particularly the Arri 435 but also encompassing the Arri 535, Moviecam, Moviecam SL, Arri 3 and 4C. He also appreciates the wide choice of lenses and likes using the Angenieux Optimo, Zeiss VP series and the Cooke S4 Prime. He notes the company’s willingness to “build anything I need for a particular job, and they’ll do that for just about anybody.
“I’ve known all of them since they were young and skinny and had a lot of hair on their heads,” Christiaansen jokes. “They have quality and that’s what it takes to compete in this business.”

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