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Julio Macat
By Carl Kozlowski
The fact that Otto Nemenz was himself a cameraman earlier in his career helps drive his understanding of his clients’ needs, according to Julio Macat, the cinematographer behind seven $100-million-grossing comedies, such as Home Alone. He also noted that Nemenz is a “straight shooter who bends over backwards” to make deals that help low-budget shoots.
“When everyone started shooting Super 35, he realized Cooke S4 Primes were ideal for the process because eventually you’d blow up your negative and those lenses were excellent for covering the full area of the frame,” says Macat. “He’s always a very helpful, accommodating guy. He has always rushed to make the newest equipment available to cinematographers and specialized in supplying Arriflex so that European cameramen could use equipment they were used to using.”

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