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Experience Gentleman Scholar as Never Before at New Website


Creative production company Gentleman Scholar has just launched a new website at, where co-founders and co-creative directors William Campbell and Will Johnson and their colleagues are proud to offer a deep dive into the company, its full archive and the unique approaches that have brought it all to life.

The new site was designed and directed by Campbell and Johnson (known as “the Wills”) and produced by Gentleman Scholar’s Tyler Locke, with backend development by East of Western. Given the overall objectives of presenting the company’s talents and showcasing its work in detail – while also illuminating the depth of thoughtfulness and craftsmanship lavished on each project – the Scholars also focused on ensuring that navigating the new site is a cerebral experience.

“After six years, of course we have certain projects we want to ensure people are aware of – but also, we wanted to share more of the underlying processes and provide a curated, thoughtful nature to the layout,” Johnson confirmed. “As visitors will see, we are also emphasizing our live-action, animation and VR capabilities.”

One prominently featured project is the multi-award winning Bleacher Project “Sports Alphabet – Blackalicious” brand film that has millions of online views and has won multiple awards worldwide. Site visitors may also be surprised at the breadth of work represented by Nike “Chase It,” Pandora “Rebrand,” San Manuel “Origin,” and Oreo “Choco Chip,” among many others.

“We also have a new dedicated Special Projects section that delves into some of our critical thinking in bigger, larger, more expansive areas of the industry and the mediums we use,” Campbell added. This area is where visitors can not only read about the Scholars’ views about things like constant learning, they can also see exactly what this means by viewing the Oreo “Wondervault 360” and the celebrated Truffle Pig 360 Experience.

Both Wills are also happy to shine the spotlight on their colleagues at the company, who they describe as “a wonderful collection of strange, brilliant brains and creative masters.” Across the site, visitors experience how the team unites to build stories that extend reality, pushing the limits of design and animation in the course of magnifying and expanding the profound sense of wonder we all had as kids.

Right now, Gentleman Scholar is benefitting from six years of investments into collaborations, partnerships and friendships that span the globe. It’s all evident in the new site, and other new projects debuting soon.

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