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Below the Line Production Listing App – BETA


We decided on March 14th, the day after our industry came to a screeching halt to spend all our time building the long overdue App for Below the Line Production Listings. For those of you that don’t know it, I scoff at the notion there exists such an ill informed person but, go HERE ( to see the sample page.

Hand holding FFW

This represents every single hour and most of the treasure we had socked away for trivial things like rent and food. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful in your search of gainful industry employment post shut-down. Is that now – it’s hard to tell – ask your union rep – they know all.

We’ve tested it and tried to get it out as fast as we could, given the down time we’ve had – forced or otherwise.

This is a release for the Paid and Registered Users. We want to see what you guys think first!

Couple quick notes:

  • Registered users only ( – not
  • If you register (and pay), you’ll have access – you’ll have to do that via a desktop computer (takes 5 min).
  • Cell phone only for now, tablet will appear like we wasted screen space. Tablet next.
  • Apple iPhone going back to iphone 7 should be OK.
  • Androids of all stripes
  • Desktop features still to be added back in (Saved Search, Notifications, User Notes, Bookmarks, etc.) and a new feature Share – as in, you’ll be able to Share a show title and info with a friend!
  • If you lost your password, that functionality is built in.
  • PLEASE send us any and all suggestions or bugs or comments – we’re all ears.
  • ALL comments and the link should go through our Feedback link on the App.

Non-registered sample version isn’t available yet in the App.

That’s it, I look forward to hearing from you all.

Direct Link – the .app makes it so it can be installed on your phone

Assume all the usual disclaimers – External use only, if you take internally, you’re stupid and deserve whatever happens. If you use this product, there is a chance of your arm falling off, loosing the Kentucky Derby, loss of consortium (like you have a sex life…), dark patches, light patches, balding, unusual hear growth, weight gain (this is a guarantee, come on, we all know it), bloating, full employment, loss of job, being forced to work for Tyler Perry, catching the COVID-19 or 20 or 21, swollen breasts, etc.

Thanks and Happy Father’s Day,

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