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NAB 2020: Coalition Cancels LPTV Industry Event


LPTVCoalition.logo1According to an article released by the LPTV Coalition, they sent out a survey yesterday to see who would attend the 2020 NAB Show before deciding whether or not to cancel their industry event at the Show. While not scientifically valid, the data showed a significant drop in attendance for the upcoming show, and the overall demographics of those who would attend will be much younger, and not the C-level the show is used to.

As of now, the NAB Show has not been canceled. In light of confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Nevada, they are reaching out to local public health officials, the convention center, and other partners on the ground to assess the situation and determine their increased protocols for the health and safety of Show guests. As additional details are received, NAB will update their website and communicate with all the attending guests and partners.

Below are some of the results of yesterday’s survey, based on 100+ unique respondents, and over 2000 newsletter reads.

  • About 34% licensees still planning on attending.
  • About 40% definitely not going because of the outbreak.
  • About 25% still evaluating the situation.
  • 45% of the respondents are actual Class-A, LPTV, or TV translator licensees, with the rest split among equipment vendors, professional service providers, and networks.
  • About 48% of total respondents not attending specifically because of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • 82% of total respondents are over 50 years old, and 50% are over 60 years old, the most vulnerable age groups, and the senior decision makers in their businesses.
  • Over 60% of respondents would use and welcome an alternative method such as a webinar, to obtain sponsor information.

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