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NAB 2022: Chrosziel and MTI Film to Showcase New Products and Innovations


Chrosziel at NAB

Chrosziel and MTI Film will each have a presence at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas, which will soon get underway.

Chrosziel recently attended the BSC Expo in London, where its ENG E-to-PL Adapter, Premista Servo Drive, and lens test projector were the stars of the show. Other new products can be found here.

You can book a meeting with Chrosziel at NAB via this link or book a Zoom meeting with Marc Permien (Chief Sales Officer) or Michael Burnham (International Sales Rep, Americas) by clicking here.

If you’re involved with Multicam Broadcast, ENG, or Documentary shootings or offer lens testing and service, Chrosziel hopes you’ll take a look at its latest developments below:

    • ENG E-PL Adapter – Hot PL lens mount to Sony E mount with ENG cable connectors for ENG lens control.
    • Venice 2 Accessories – Fitted baseplate w/15mm rails, side cage, top plate and more.
    • Zoomer Z2 – High-precision universal servo for zoom control on still and cine lenses.
    • FX9 Accessories – Fitted baseplate w/15mm rails, top plates, cables and more. Available in kits or sold separately.
    • Premista Servo Drive – One servo drive to rule them all! This precision 3-motor, compact servo drive unit is designed to control zoom, focus, and iris on all Premista series cine lenses. Add the cine-look to your broadcast application. Accepting pre-orders, shipping early June.
    • P-TP7II Lens Test Projector – latest developments – LDS / iData Meta Data, add control of lens data directly in the projector to your workflow and new reticles for ENG lenses and from Otto Nemenz.
    • Offset Audio Adapter – Compact mounting bracket to off-set the Sony XLR-K3M audio adapter for protection.

MTI Film at NAB

Meanwhile, MTI Film will also be at NAB, where they’ll be demonstrating the latest innovations in CORTEX v5.5, its ground-breaking workflow utility, and DRS NOVA v5.1, the industry’s leading digital restoration software.

MTI Film will be conducting demonstrations of both products in a suite at the Courtyard by Marriott, a 5-minute walk from the Las Vegas Convention Center. Finger food and beverages will be offered at the suite.

What’s new in Cortex v5.5:

·       Blanking Error Detection. QA Tool now automatically finds image framing errors caused by aspect ratio differences or editorial/VFX errors that lead to unwanted black borders encroaching on the picture from any side.

·       Dead Pixel Repair. Cortex’s award-winning Dead Pixel repairs now provide concealment with no artifacts across all media types.

·       NexGuard Watermarking. Render files with Nagra NexGuard Forensic Watermark.

·       Dead Pixel IMF supplemental. Render only selected dead pixel repairs to create an efficient IMF supplemental package.

·       Dolby Atmos. See an Atmos audio waveform displayed in the timeline.  Render encrypted Atmos files in a DCP.

What’s new in DRS NOVA v5.1:

·       Camera Motion Analysis. Analyze camera motion in three segment types: static, low and high. Apply tool settings to each segment type. Set values on a clip globally or discretely by shot.

·       Shine. Ten years in development, this evolving dirt and fleeting scratch filter removes maximum debris with minimum artifacts.

·       Shine Alpha Filter. The best filter for replacing dirt and scratches found in the IR map.

·       Dynamic Deflicker. Object-based deflicker that prevents artifacts on near-field objects moving through frame.

·       Virtual Timecode. User-defined timecode rates that change the timebase of a clip without altering its native rate.

·       Alter Timecode Clip Start. User-defined, virtual timecode start of a clip without altering the native timecode.

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