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P.A. Bootcamp Announces Dates for First Session of 2022


P.A. Bootcamp

P.A. Bootcamp, the Los Angeles-based training program for Set and Office Production Assistants in film and television, will be holding its first session of 2022 on Feb. 12-13 in Burbank.  

P.A. Bootcamp is an intense, highly-focused, and comprehensive work training program that prepares people for entry-level P.A. jobs. After completion of the two-day program, we provide referrals to productions in need of production assistants.

For more than 20 years, P.A. Bootcamp has been training people and helping them get a foot in the door of physical production. No production experience is required to attend, and you can visit for more information and registration details.

I wish I’d attended something like P.A. Bootcamp before my first P.A. job on The Departed, as I likely would’ve been much better prepared for the gig. As it turned out, I wasn’t really cut out for a life in production, but I have enormous respect for production assistants as well as anyone who’s willing to pay their dues and work their way up in this business. If you decide to sign up, let me know how it goes!

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