Prime Time Softball League: CSI Vegas Remains Ahead of the Pack with The Rookie in Second Place

PTSL2On Saturday, November 6, the Prime Time Softball League held its Week 9 games with CSI Vegas maintaining its lead with an 8-game winning streak, defeating Big Brother, the only winless team in the league this season. Two-time league champs, American Dad, pulled out a squeaker of a win over the newest team from Pretty Freakin’ Scary, but currently, The Rookie is holding down second place with only one loss in eight games.

This Saturday, American Dad will take on CSI Vegas, which could help the former catch up to the league leaders, while The Rookie takes on MasterChef, who are currently tied for third place.

The Prime Time Softball League is made-up of 10 co-ed teams comprised of the cast, crew, staff, and their immediate family from currently-airing prime-time television shows.

The Week 9 results are below:

Saturday, Nov 5

MasterChef 25
Young Sheldon 15

Bosch Legacy 7
The Neighborhood 15

The Rookie 29
The Morning Show 4

CSI Vegas 27
Big Brother 7

American Dad 17
Pretty Freekin Scary 16

Here are the current standings after eight weeks: (Note: Week 1 had to be postponed due to weather.)

Team Wins Losses Ties Playoffs
CSI Vegas 8 0 0 Eligible
The Rookie 7 1 0 Eligible
American Dad 6 2 0 Eligible
MasterChef 6 2 0 Eligible
Pretty Freekin Scary 4 4 0 Eligible
The Neighborhood 4 4 0 Eligible
Young Sheldon 3 5 0 Eligible
Bosch Legacy 1 7 0 Eligible
The Morning Show 1 7 0 Eligible
Big Brother 0 8 0 Eligible

Week 10 games take place on Saturday, Nov. 12 at the below times and fields:

Saturday, Nov 12

Pretty Freekin Scary Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
11:00 AM
The Morning Show

Bosch Legacy Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 4
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
11:00 AM
Young Sheldon

MasterChef Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
12:30 PM
The Rookie

Big Brother Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 4
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
12:30 PM
The Neighborhood

CSI Vegas Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
2:00 PM
American Dad