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Todd Soundelux Supports Cinemability


LR-CinemabilityTodd Soundelux announced that its Todd-AO, Soundelux and Modern Music divisions will donate creative postproduction sound and music services for the documentary project Cinemability.

Directed by Jenni Gold and produced by Jeff Maynard, Cinemability takes a humorous and thought-provoking look at the evolution of the portrayal of “disability” in film and television. Featuring historical clips and commentary from notable filmmakers, industry executives, film historians and celebrities, Cinemability seeks to better understand the impact of the media on society, specifically as it relates to the portrayal of disability.

Soundelux will contribute the services of supervising sound editor Andrew DeCristofaro. Modern Music will provide the services of music editor Sally Boldt, and Todd-AO will contribute the services of Academy Award-winning re-recording mixer Michael Minkler and Emmy Award-winning re-recording mixer Onnalee Blank.

Cinemability director Jenni Gold.
Cinemability director Jenni Gold.

Cinemability is a powerful reminder of the finest tradition of documentary filmmaking – the notion of enlightening the audience in a compelling and entertaining manner, while also challenging society to hold itself to a higher standard of social justice, equality and inclusion,” said David Alfonso, owner of Todd Soundelux and executive producer of the project. “Jenni and Jeff are talented filmmakers, who have embarked on an important journey to further our collective understanding of how the mass media helps shape our perceptions of, and attitudes towards, notions of disability.”

“I am very grateful for the strong support of our project by the teams at Todd-AO, Soundelux and Modern Music,” said Gold, the film’s director. “Andrew DeCristofaro, Mike Minkler, Onnalee Blank and Sally Boldt are truly my dream team, and Cinemability could not be in better hands. It has been incredibly satisfying to experience the validation of the warm embrace offered to us, our film and our mission by this group of passionate, talented and socially engaged community of artists.”

Cinemability is scheduled to premiere July 26, coinciding with the anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act by President George H. W. Bush in 1990.

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