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Toronto Fam Tour-Tidbits sidebar


With a population of approximately 2.5 million, Toronto lies on theeastern shore of Lake Ontario. It is one to two hours by air to citiessuch as New York, Philadelphia, Hartford, Boston, and Chicago, withdirect flights available to most major world cities.In terms of infrastructure, the Toronto subway, streetcar and bussystems make it easy to get around the downtown core. But Torontosprawls for miles, with vast residential areas that are harder to getto by public transit.In spite of what you might have heard about the weather, it’s actuallyconsidered one of the warmer parts of Canada and—surprisingly—lies atthe same latitude as Cannes in the French Riviera.A recent study by consulting firm KPMG found that Toronto has lowerbusiness costs than 99 percent of comparable European, North Americanand Asian cities. And the city boasts one of the highest standards ofliving in the world.In terms of hotels, Yorkville’s Four Seasons, InterContinental or thelandmark Royal York hotel offer elegant accommodations for the fussiesttalent, but otherwise, hotels are generally reasonable compared tothose in other cities, and well dispersed.Locations around the city can dub for New York, Washington or anygeneric North American city.

Written by Scott Lehane

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