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WGA Launches Website to Report Scabs Who Break the Guild’s Strike Rules


The WGA has launched a site on its Strike Hub where members can report strike breakers, aka “scabs” — and suffer disciplinary action themselves if they don’t.

“You must inform the Guild of the name of any writer you have reason to believe is engaged in scab writing or other strikebreaking activity,” reads the WGA’s Strike Rule #9. “To the extent possible, you should be specific about the nature of the violation, including the date and place of the violation, the name of the struck company involved, and the name of the project, if any.”

Following the 2007-08 strike, a dozen WGA members faced hearings after being accused of scabbing — with the guild finding three of them guilty, though it’s unclear whether they were expelled or merely suspended from the guild.

Both are possible options, as the WGA’s Strike Rules note that under Article X of the guild’s constitution, “discipline may include, but is not limited to, any or all of the following: expulsion or suspension from Guild membership, imposition of monetary fines, or censure. Discipline imposed is enforceable through the courts.”

According to the guild, these disciplinary actions “not only protect the Guild from conduct harmful to a strike effort but also protect the due process rights of members charged with violations,” noting that there are also appeal procedures in place.

Click here to report scabs to the WGA, which feels strongly that it’s your duty to do so.

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