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Director Jeff Gorman Joins The Joneses


Jeff Gorman
Acclaimed comedy director Jeff Gorman has joined The Joneses. Gorman’s accomplishments in comedic advertising include some of the most memorable ads of all time, including work for American Express, Bud Light, Little Caesar’s, Staples and Lexus. His work has garnered numerous advertising awards, including the Palme D’Or from the Cannes Film Festival, as well as London International Film Festival, British D&AD, One Show and Clio awards, and been featured on such television shows as America’s Funniest TV Commercials, Today and Entertainment Tonight.

Gorman, who had been looking for a new home after exiting his longtime production company Sandwick Films, said that he found in The Joneses executive producer Mel Gragido someone who shared his creative vision and philosophy toward the advertising business. “I am a straight shooter, and Mel struck me as the same kind of guy,” Gorman said. “I liked his thinking and the strategies he has for me and my career.”

Gorman began his career as an agency creative, including a stint as a creative director at Chiat-Day, where he created Nike’s first consumer ad campaign. After launching his directing career, he co-founded Johns + Gorman Films. The company was later renamed JGF, and then became Sandwick Films, upon its sale to executive producer Bill Sandwick.

Many of Gorman’s spots have become advertising classics, including a series of spots for the Sunkist California Pistachio Growers. It originated the mocu-mentary style of advertising with its off-the-cuff portraits of West Coast eccentrics under the theme “The Best Nuts Come from California.”

Other well-known work includes the Bud Light spot “Good Dog,” which ranked number one in USA Today’s annual Super Bowl ad meter. Gorman also directed many of the first “Truth” anti-smoking ads for Crispin, Porter Bogusky. “I take pride in never repeating myself,” noted Gorman. “I always look to explore new territory.”

In recent years, Gorman become an internet entrepreneur. He founded the website Vidigreet, which markets video greeting cards. Gorman has written and directed more than 500 humorous videos for the site. Gorman has also been developing a number of television and feature film projects. His passion, however, remains commercials. “It’s my focus and what I love doing,” he said. “I expect to be so busy with commercials, that I won’t have time for anything else.”

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