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Introducing Below the Line’s NEW Production News Weekly


Introducing Below the Line’s NEW Production News Weekly

Note from the Publisher:

Today, we launch a new weekly email – Production News Weekly. For years we’ve been asked about the trends we see as we gather all the television and motion picture production information from early Development to Wrap.

Paul Tenebrini is my Director of Research for Production Listings and has been for many years. I’ve asked him to contribute and drive a wider look at what, where, and who is driving much of the production decisions in our industry. We have a ton of ideas how to expand our idea but strongly encourage you, the subscriber, to tell us what you would like to see as well.

We’re going to send this out on Wednesdays, let’s see how that works for you all.

We deliver to thousands of subscribers the latest and best production information on the planet and have since our inception in 2002.

Paul will take it from here.

Patrick Graham,



Welcome Friends,

Paul Tenebrini – Director of Research for Production Listings and coordinator for Below the Line. In the coming weeks I will be starting a weekly column about film and TV production, including the companies and crew that drive our industry- where we shoot, where we stay, what we do, how we make job decisions. Soup to nuts – the lives of the crafts people and the industry we all work in.

I’ll be sharing thoughts and articles that I find interesting and hopefully will help make your next project possible. I will be talking with studios, production companies, film offices, unions and guilds. I will also be tracking numbers over the weeks and months to come in order to try to find new trends in our industry. There will also be Tips and Tricks on how to best search and use our website.

The best part will be your input. I will be asking for feedback and suggestions on how to make our community better. If you have any news or info regarding production listings, especially if you don’t see your project listed, please drop me an email, send a Call Sheet and make sure you circle your name and job title.

Have a great story about a company or maybe someone interesting on your crew? Please let me know and I will be happy to share with our members. Love or hate a location you think your fellow crafts people might be interested in? Please feel free to send any info our way – remember, respect, first and foremost.

This is only one of many new features coming to Below the Line this new year. I look forward to hearing from you and am feeling that 2018 is going to be a great year for our community.

Happy holidays,
Production Listings Coordinator

[email protected]

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