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Slate Media Group Appoints Jay Rubin to Head Sound Sales



Jay Rubin
Jay Rubin

Slate Media Group has hired Jay Rubin as director of sales for sound services. With more than 30 years of experience in feature film and television sound, Rubin will seek to grow sound editorial and sound mixing business for all Slate Media Group companies, including Technicolor – PostWorks, Hula Post Productions and PostWorks in New York. He will also be involved in recruiting new talent as the company consolidates its position as a provider of sound services for film and television on the East Coast.

“We’re very excited to have Jay join our team as he’ll play an important role in the continuing growth of our facilities,” says Slate Media Group CEO David Rosen. “Jay strengthens our sound team through his experience and deep relationships with directors, producers and sound professionals worldwide. His reputation and expertise is extremely beneficial to our clients and staff.”

For the past 11 years, Rubin served as manager of business development at Sound One, New York. As such, he serviced the sound needs of scores of studio-produced and independent films, including recent titles as Tower Heist, Drive, Midnight in Paris and Margin Call. He began his career with Sound One in 1979 and held a variety of positions with the company, including director of operations and manager of sales.

Rubin looks forward to introducing filmmakers to Slate Media Group’s facilities, noting that their combination of sound and picture postproduction services are distinct in New York. “For directors, the ability to complete sound and picture postproduction under one roof is ideal, and that is what we offer in New York,” he said.

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