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WIF Crystal+Lucy Awards


The annual Crystal + Lucy Awards were held June 10th at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Iris Grossman, president of Women in Film, opened the event, which was co-produced by WIF’s Lucy Webb and Peter Henton of Dover Films.The Kodak Vision Award was given to cinematographer Tami Reiker, who lensed the pilot for Carnivale on HBO, and recently wrapped the feature Mr. Woodcock for New Line. It was presented by Woodcock executive producer Diana Pokorny.When asked to name some cinematographers whose work most influenced her, Reiker noted (in no particular order): “Conrad L. Hall, Roger Deakins and Darius Khondji.” Equipment of choice? “Obviously I love using Kodak film stock, and I’ve been really pleased with Arriflex cameras and Moviecam. I use them for all my work.” Reiker is repped by Dattner Dispoto.Women in Film was established in 1977 to empower, promote, nurture, and mentor women in the industry through a network of contacts, events and programs, including the Women In Film Mentor Program, the award-winning Public Service Announcement Production Program and the Internship Program.Price of Parking: Inside the Beverly Hilton, no hassles, freeWine Quality: What luck! Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin La Grande Dame was freely poured in the Green Room. The table red and white wines were excellent quality. Free bar.Attire: Sparkly Black Tie to conservative business dressBest quote of the night: “I don’t think they knew what they were doing when they gave me that thing. I’ve got all these women saying ‘I want to see your Oscar!’ and I say ‘It’s upstairs, don’t worry, you’ll see it later.’”—Jamie Foxx on the bonus effects of receiving an Oscar.Show length: About 3 hours.Swag: Eclectic mix of goodies.Attendance: Aproximately 1000Venue: Beverly Hilton.Biggest disappointment: Apparently not enough swag bags to go around, and many nattering people without manners, chit-chatting on their cell phones during the award presentation.

Written by April MacIntyre

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