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“Fire Your Agents,” WGA


wga.both.logo“There is no settlement,” WGA Negotiating Committee

The Writers Guild of America – the Los Angeles and New York branches told its 13,000 members “There is no settlement,” in an email blast on Friday, after negotiations ended between the Hollywood writers and their agents hours before the midnight deadline. The unions instructed members to sign a form letter that will allow them to fire their agents individually due to the agencies unwillingness to sign the new code of conduct. “The Guild will forward all letters en masse to the appropriate agencies in a few days,” the unions said. The Association of Talent Agents (ATA), the group representing the major agencies, offered concessions in days past, but were unable to keep the two sides at the table.

President of the Writers Guild of America West, David A. Goodman; Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
President of the Writers Guild of America West, David A. Goodman; Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

David A. Goodman, President of the Writers Guild of America West, gave this closing statement in response to the ATA’s proposals: “We granted the week’s extension as a sincere effort to try to find a solution. But it is clear to us that we are not appreciably closer. We are willing to continue meeting with you when you provide a proposal that truly addresses our expressed concerns, but our Friday deadline has arrived and we are moving forward with the implementation of our Code of Conduct and the enforcement of our WGA Working Rule 23. Thank you.”

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The story continues to develop. We will update with more information.

Olivia Gleichauf – Staff Editor

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