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Angénieux Announces New EZ 3 Lens


Angenieux EZ 3 Telephoto Lens (photo courtesy Angenieux)

Angénieux is pleased to announce the new EZ 3 lens in collaboration with its long-time partners Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc. and Jebsen Consumer Products Co Ltd. The third of a series of successful multi-format lenses introduced at IBC 2016, the new EZ3 lens provides cinematographers with longer range flexibility and value for their Full Frame or S35 cameras.

With the new EZ3, Angenieux says “Your dream lens is within reach.” The new 45-165mm T2.3/T3 (S35) or 68-250 T3.5/T4.5 (FF) EZ3 is a Tele-lens addition to the versatile, future proof EZ series. Originally designed for independent filmmakers and productions, Angénieux EZ zooms have enjoyed success with cine rental houses and professional cinematographers worldwide.

Using Angénieux’s IRO (Interchangeable Rear Optics) Technology, the EZ series features dedicated rear optical groups customized for both S35 and Full Frame sensors, and provides interchangeable PL, RF, EF & E mount compatibility on demand. This S35/FF modularity and flexibility makes them the preferred lens choice of all levels of filmmaking.

Surprisingly, despite its longer focal length, the new 45-165mm T2.3/T3 (S35) or 68-250 T3.5/T4.5 (FF) EZ3 lens remains compact and affordable. Like the EZ1 and EZ2, the lens shows a fast aperture. Ramping, which is common for this category of lenses, is also well managed with a constant T stop across the entire zoom range when iris is set to T3 (S35) or T4.5 (FF). The optical quality provides the same cinematic look and robust build that the EZ Series is known for.

Importantly, the new EZ3 lens includes improvements such as a new quick IRO mechanism (user configurable) and a dual focus scale ring (feet/meters). On the EZ3 lens, the change from S35 to FF is much faster than on EZ1 and 2 and can be done in only 5 minutes, thanks to this ingenious new design. Same for the focus scale, it is extremely quick to swap from meters to feet and vice versa. Last but not least, the lens is also compatible with the accessories of the EZ series.

The new EZ3 lens will be welcomed by EZ shooters who have long anticipated its release. They now have a complete set of 3 EZ multi-format lenses at their disposal, which totally expands their shooting possibilities and makes the series wise and reliable investment.

The lens will be officially launched in Europe at IBC2023 on the Angénieux stand, next to the EZ1 and 2 and the rest of the Full Frame range of lenses by Angénieux including the unique Optimo Ultra 12X, the customizable Optimo Prime Series with IOP and the new lightweight Optimo Ultra compact zooms.

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