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ARRI Celebrates Ten Years of ALEXA Digital Camera System


arri.logo.1Used on countless productions and by some of the world’s top filmmakers, the ARRI ALEXA camera system celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. With a highly upgradeable system architecture, the ALEXA has evolved through software updates and hardware upgrades to keep pace with the industry’s rapidly changing needs. Since the camera’s original launch, and in collaboration with filmmakers, ARRI has continued to release new models and software updates in order to suit a wide variety of applications.


The ARRI ALEXA has itself been recognized with a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and an Engineering Emmy from the Television Academy. Eight of the nine Achievement in Cinematography Oscars presented since the camera’s launch have gone to ALEXA-shot productions. As have six of the nine Best VFX Oscar winners and six of the nine Best Picture Oscar winners (the other three were shot with ARRI film cameras).

Notable Oscar-winning films captured with ALEXA include Hugo in 2011, Life of Pi in 2012, Gravity in 2013, Birdman in 2014, The Revenant and Spotlight in 2015, Moonlight in 2016, The Shape of Water and Blade Runner 2049 in 2017, Green Book and Roma in 2018, and Parasite and 1917 in 2019.


Join ARRI online in celebrating ten years of ALEXA at

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