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ARRI Receives Technology, Engineering Emmy for ARRI Multicam System


At the 74th Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards ceremony on April 16, 2023, ARRI was honored with an Emmy for the technical achievement of a digital cinema camera mounted video extender for live audiences. This prestigious accolade, awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS), was presented to ARRI in Las Vegas during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention.

Accepting this Emmy was Dr. Matthias Erb, Chairman of the ARRI Executive Board, who thanked the Academy and mentioned, “ARRI is dedicated to simplicity, efficiency, and quality in the design of our products. We strive to ensure that the creative process is never hindered by technical complexities or limitations. Our goal is to ensure simple operation, a seamless workflow, and highly cinematic imaging and it is our pleasure to continue to bring this impact to live production.”

Lars Weyer, Member of the Executive Board and CFO at ARRI joined Dr. Matthias Erb on stage at the ceremony and elaborated afterwards: “This prestigious award especially recognizes the expertise and commitment of the ARRI Multicam System core team of engineers and specialists who worked alongside the developers. We are honored to see how ARRI’s cinematic multicam has been endorsed by the industry for its excellent image quality and efficient workflows.”

Lars Weyer (L) and Dr. Matthias Erb / ARRI

This year’s Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards were decided by a committee of highly qualified engineers working in television. Living individuals, companies, or scientific or technical organizations are recognized if their developments and/or standardization in engineering technologies have materially affected the television industry. “The Technology & Engineering Emmy Award was the first Emmy Award issued in 1949, and it laid the groundwork for all the other Emmys to come,” said NATAS President and CEO Adam Sharp. “We are extremely happy about honoring these prestigious individuals and companies, again in partnership with NAB, where the intersection of innovation, technology and excitement in the future of television can be found.”

The ARRI Multicam System and the cinema camera system AMIRA Live allows the capture of truly cinematic multi-camera live productions while bringing together a variety of components that give content creators the tailormade flexibility they need. The combination of ARRI cameras and the simple-to- integrate fiber transmission system delivers a rich aesthetic with the efficiency of a live transmission system. Content producers can record in-camera for post, finishing, or slow-motion effects, while simultaneously transmitting live HD or UHD/4K signals to a broadcast hub, stage displays, or social media channels, using standard production environments like OB vans or studios. Specifically, the camera mounted fiber adaptor allows for uncompressed 4K video to be transmitted over a much longer distance with no loss of quality. This technology has been used in a variety of top-notch worldwide productions, such as Queen + Adam Lambert at the O2 Arena in London, David Guetta’s “United at Home” performance in Dubai, and the Coachella Festival in California.

This latest statue marks the sixth time either the Television Academy or the NATAS have presented ARRI with an Emmy Award. Most recently in 2022, ARRI was honored with the Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award Emmy for the company’s 105-year history of designing and manufacturing camera and lighting systems as well as the development of systemic technological solutions and service networks for a worldwide complex of film, broadcast, and media industries. ARRI also won Engineering Emmys for its SkyPanel family of LED softlights in 2021 and for the ARRI ALEXA camera system in 2017.

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