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ARRI Ships first ALEXA Cameras


ARRI announced that the new ALEXA camera is now shipping. Initial delivery priority is being given to customers who purchased the D-21 camera when it was unveiled at IBC 2009, and the company reports that production is being ramped up to meet the pent-up demand.

The company has also launched a beta program for its new DTE (Direct-To-Edit) capability, which uses Apple’s ProRes 422 (HQ) and ProRes 4444 codecs to capture footage on Sony SxS PRO removable media cards. This enables editors to take material directly into Final Cut Pro and AVID editing systems. The full release of ALEXA’s DTE functionality will be made available to all customers as a firmware upgrade following completion of the beta-test phase.

L.A.-based PACE took delivery of the first ALEXA’s off the production line for the upcoming 3D motion picture The Invention of Hugo Cabret, directed by Martin Scorsese, which entered principal photography on June 28 with Robert Richardson, ASC as cinematographer.

PACE, a key technical partner for ARRI, is supplying cameras, lenses, stereoscopic systems and a new generation of 3D rigs designed around the camera. Commenting on his investment in ALEXA, Vince Pace, CEO, stated “PACE is excited by ALEXA’s roll-out into the new age of stereo cinematography. Our commitment to the industry is centered around the fact that the new trend in 3D has to be built on a strong 2D legacy. ARRI has done just that, delivering a camera with both technical and creative performance that raises the bar for digital cinematography. For a DP, the camera delivers on increased dynamic range and sensitivity to help make the transition to 3D seamless. For PACE, supporting a unique film like Hugo Cabret in 3D with ALEXA is important, and we are proud to be involved.”

“ARRI has delivered on its commitment to customers at IBC2009 – ALEXA is shipping in June, with an entry price point of €45,000 and with a rich feature list which today’s technology-savvy and quality-driven customers have fully embraced,” said Franz Kraus, managing director of ARRI in Munich. “With important reference productions such as Hugo Cabret and many accolades from industry innovators, ALEXA is now positioned in the market at the very highest level, offering unrivalled quality, reliability and performance at a very competitive price.”

Walter Trauninger, general manager for ARRI’s Camera and DIS Business Unit added, “Demand for ALEXA has been unprecedented and consequently we have been working hard to significantly increase our manufacturing capacity in Munich to deliver as many cameras as possible, as soon as possible, but without compromising quality. We still anticipate that it will take a short while to clear the current order backlog, but the wait will be worth it. ALEXA is a remarkable digital production tool.”

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