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ARRI Opens Singapore Subsidiary, Relocating ARRI Asia-Pacific from Hong Kong


ARRI has announced that it will relocate ARRI Asia-Pacific, initially operated from Hong Kong since its inception in 2008, to Singapore to further bolster the moving image industry in the region.

A ceremony was held to mark this milestone with two locations for the new venture, a modern corporate office and a fully equipped service center.

To mark this momentous occasion, ARRI Asia-Pacific organized a grand ceremony on April 25th with an open house and an ARRI party. The top management team from the headquarters in Germany, including Executive Board members Dr. Matthias Erb (Chairman) and Lars Weyer (CFO), industry leaders, and key players from Asia-Pacific’s moving image industry graced the festivities.

ARRI Asia Pte. Ltd., the official name of the new subsidiary in Singapore, is part of ARRI Asia-Pacific, which also includes ARRI Korea, ARRI Japan, and ARRI Australia. Together, they provide sales and services to the entire Asia-Pacific region.

“The inauguration of the Singapore subsidiary in the heart of the Asia-Pacific market symbolizes a new phase in ARRI’s venture in the region. It shows how vital the region, including its emerging markets, is for ARRI. Together with our customers, we plan to significantly increase our activities here,” emphasizes Dr. Matthias Erb.

ARRI Asia Pte. Ltd. corporate office in Singapore / ARRI

Bertrand Dauphant, ARRI Asia-Pacific Managing Director, adds: “Completing the establishment of our Singapore subsidiary was a tremendous challenge and a significant milestone for our company. I am incredibly proud to say that this opening is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. With this move, ARRI is now even better equipped to serve the Asia-Pacific market and meet the increasing demand for our products and services. ARRI Asia-Pacific is now structured around four strong hubs allowing us to better support our clients and promote industry growth throughout the region.”

Primarily located in Marina Centre, Singapore, the new corporate office spans 3,600 square feet and boasts a modern and innovative design with exceptional facilities for both customers and staff. The facility features a multi-purpose creative space that can be easily converted for equipment demonstrations, ARRI Academy training, company events, and more. The office also includes an open-concept workspace, adaptable meeting rooms, and a collaboration corner to enhance productivity and efficiency.

A photo from the opening ceremony for ARRI Asia Pte. Ltd. / ARRI

Furthermore, the subsidiary in Singapore houses a fully equipped 3,000 square-foot service center to cater to the growing demand for maintenance and repair of the extensive range of ARRI products in the market. In addition, the service center includes a warehouse space to ensure clients receive high-quality products promptly.

Reach out to ARRI Asia Pte. Ltd. at:

Corporate Office
1 Temasek Ave #10-01/01A Millenia Tower
039192 Singapore
+65 6230 8488
[email protected]

Service Center
164 Kallang Way, #03-01
349248 Singapore
+65 6230 9488
[email protected]

The former ARRI Asia-Pacific office in Hong Kong, now called ARRI Hong Kong Ltd., will remain operational and is now organizationally part of ARRI Greater China.

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