Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Blackmagic Design: Showtime’s The Chi


Blackmagic.logoBlackmagic Design has announced that Showtime Networks’ The Chi incorporated a wide array of Blackmagic Design cameras, including URSA Mini Pros and Micro Studio Camera 4K, for Director of Photography Abraham Martinez’s portrayal of Chicago’s south side. Martinez used three Blackmagic URSA Mini Pros, one URSA Mini 4K and two Micro Studio Camera 4Ks recording into Blackmagic Video Assists 4K.

URSA Mini Pro
URSA Mini Pro
Micro Studio 4K
Micro Studio Camera 4K






The Blackmagic cameras helped Martinez capture high quality imagery even if on the go. With such a wide array of cameras, and a focus on color, Martinez had no fear about matching images. Working with Light Iron’s Steven Bodner, they had no problems matching looks between cameras or manufacturers.

Video Assist 4K
Video Assist 4K

But beyond color, Martinez valued the combination of quality and ease of use. “The camera systems held up in the rigorous location moves and demands of the city,” said Martinez. “Speed was essential and it required very little to get the Blackmagic camera systems up and running. Often just a lens, card and battery and we were good to go.”

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