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Brussels Conference: Cinematography in Progress


IMAGO.CIPIn April 2019 3rd International Conference on teaching and researching Cinematography took place in Brussels. The main goal of this event is to discuss how to best educate future cinematographers with regard to the current trend in cinematography, and how these should be applied to future teaching in film schools and other educational facilities. The main venue was the RITCS (Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound), with some events at INSAS (Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle et des techniques de diffusion), and others at the Cinema Galleries and the Palace.


The conference named “Cinematography in Progress” was organized by the International Federation of Cinematographers (IMAGO) and The Belgian Society of Cinematographers (SBC) with the help of the two Belgian schools, the Lusofona University in Portugal and Mediarte. Co-chaired by Ella van den Hove and Marijke Van Kets, with the help of the IMAGO chair education committee, Tony Costa, and under the management of Nina Payrhuber. Ninety people attended from over thirty countries. Around twenty-five actively participated in the conference by reading papers, presenting their research in poster session, or by giving their expertise in round tables, while many others contributed to ongoing debates.


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