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SmallHD adds RED V-RAPTOR support to Camera Control for KOMODO Software


Camera Control
Camera Control software

SmallHD has announced an upgrade to their popular Camera Control for KOMODO® software package. Now known as Camera Control for RED® RCP2™ Cameras (KOMODO, DSMC3™), the software adds support for RED’s new V-RAPTOR™ camera. This added functionality comes via a free software update for owners of the original SmallHD Camera Control for KOMODO software. The updated software also includes the increased functionality of wireless camera control via Teradek’s Bolt 4K Monitor Modules.

“Our Smart 7 monitors have become a crucial part of the on-set workflow, offering complete control over KOMODO & DSMC2® cameras,” said Greg Smokler, GM of Cine at Creative Solutions. “When KOMODO was launched, we invested significant energy in developing support for RED’s RCP2 (RED Command Protocol 2). When we learned the V-RAPTOR camera also supports RCP2, we were able to leverage our previous efforts to quickly support this popular new camera.”

Indie 7 Red DSMC3 Kit
Camera Control for Red DSMC3 Kit

SmallHD’s PageOS 4 software interface provides an intuitive user experience, with a unique operating system that makes operating the camera simple and efficient. This industry-leading user interface includes tools like Focus Assist, Image Capture & Overlay, Histogram, and Vectorscope. By combining PageOS 4 with Camera Control for RED RCP2 cameras, SmallHD on-camera monitors are now even more powerful command stations for the Camera Department.

Camera Control for RED RCP2 can be purchased as software-only, as part of a kit including the required cable, or bundled with a monitor from the Smart 7 series. series. For customers who already own Camera Control for RED KOMODO, a free firmware update will be released for compatibility with V-RAPTOR.

Camera Control for RED RCP2 (KOMODO, DSMC3) is now available at

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