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Koerner Virtual Lens Summit Offers Chrosziel Lens Testing Demo


ChroszielOn Friday, August 28 at 10AM PST, Chrosziel will offer a special lens testing demonstration and discussion as part of the 2020 Koerner Virtual Lens Summit. The company’s CEO Timm Stemann and Band Pro‘s Senior Technical Consultant Randy Wedick will be demoing Chrosziel’s P-TP7 Large Format LED Lens Projector and discuss professional lens testing protocols via in an interactive online Q&A.

Space is limited, but the online event is free to join when you register here.

Here’s some more information on the seminar:

“Lens testing is a noble art relying on precise lens testing instruments. It is vital to determine if a camera lens will perform well on set to ensure crystal clear pictures. With ever more complex designs, professional lens can be prone to chromatic or spherical aberrations, Gaussian errors, astigmatism or similar effects. Often this is caused by the quality of the glass used, or construction-related manufacturing tolerances.

With the aid of a collimator and a lens test projector, Chrosziel shows how to detect aberrations, lens Metadata offsets and how to correct it. Learn how to use the collimator for checking the back focus of a lens or camera and the different options the lens projector offers for service technicians, ACs and DOPs prepping and preparing for their next shoot.”

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