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Cine Gear Expo Releases Statement on June Show, To Go On Despite Unrelated Picketing


Cine Gear Expo has released a statement to exhibitors about its 2023 L.A. show, taking place at the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood on June 2 and 3, essentially stating that the show will go on despite the presence of picketers due to the WGA strike.

Cine Gear’s statement went as follows:

“You asked for it and we delivered! Cine Gear Expo returns to Paramount Studios in Hollywood. We look forward to welcoming you June 2nd-3rd with 260+ exhibitors, 20+ educational panels, screenings and endless networking opportunities and invite you to experience in person and geek out on the newest technology!

It is important to note that Cine Gear supports the Writers Guild of America’s fight for better work conditions and equally important to know that Cine Gear Expo is not a “struck” event and the picketing you may encounter stems from a labor dispute between WGA and AMPTP of which Paramount is a member.

Cine Gear Staff and other assistance will be available at all respective gates to assure smooth traffic flow of vehicles and pedestrians and are committed to ensuring a successful and enriching experience for all.

Your Cine Gear Expo Team”

Look for Below the Line’s coverage of Cine Gear Expo in early June.

Additional reporting by Mark London Williams.

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